St. Lawrence Gold craft Honeys of the World

A more natural craft process gives our St. Lawrence Gold honeys the following shared characteristics.

• Single-origin and never blended.
• Minimal filtering to preserve antioxidant benefits of a more natural honey.
• Low heating to ensure that the essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins are retained.

How our honey is made

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Honeybees visit flowers in search of nectar at the start of the summer season.

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Nectar — a sugary, nutrient-rich liquid — is extracted from the flowers using a bee’s long, tube-shaped tongue and stored in its crop (a special stomach).

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When a honeybee returns to the hive, it passes the nectar to other bees who deposit it into a honeycomb.

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The bees then set to work ‘fanning’ the honeycomb with their wings to speed up the process of water evaporation, which transforms the nectar into honey.

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The honey, now protected from air and water in the honeycomb, can be stored indefinitely, providing bees with the perfect food source for cold winter months.

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Surplus honey is removed by beekeepers and shipped to the UK, ending its hive to your table journey.

A planet friendly food

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Sustainable and recyclable

Why is it sustainable? Honey bees are vital for pollinating fruit, vegetables, and field crops, like canola, lupins, beans, sunflowers, and flax. Well-pollinated crops produce more fruit and honey. Bees can increase fruit production by 2 to 8 times.

St. Lawrence Gold honey is only sold in glass jars. Plus all our packaging is completely recyclable including the lids.

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