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Organic pure granulated maple sugar


A wonderfully treacly, melt-in-your-mouth sugar and a natural, healthier alternative to refined white sugar. It's organic and approved by The Vegan Society.

DJM Foods
DJM Foods

Ways to enjoy

Use our maple sugar as a substitute for wherever traditional white sugar is used.

Consider using it in pastry making and baking — for example, it adds depth and richness of flavour to the caramel undertones in sweet pecan pie. Or use it to sweeten your crepes, yoghurt and beverages — like hot coffee or iced tea.

Maple sugar enhances the flavour of sauces and is especially good in meat glazes.

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Ocado customer

“I found this an easier way of adding maple syrup taste to food than using the syrup. The grains are very fine so you can easily add just a little. An imaginative cook could probably do loads of interesting things with it, I just add it to my breakfast. It tastes fantastic.”


Ocado customer

“No added ingredients, just pure organic maple syrup so that's a bonus. A great alternative when sugar grains are required instead of syrup. A lovely light maple taste.”


Ocado customer

“A deep rich aroma awaits you as you open the jar. Use as a topping in the place of demerara of soft brown sugar to sprinkle on your favourite puddings. Use in baking whenever a topping of sugar is required for a richer flavour.”

DJM Foods


100% Pure Canadian Grade ‘A’ Maple Syrup

DJM Foods

Nutrition facts

Typical values per 100 grams:

Energy: 1547 kJ / 364 kcal

Fat: 0 grams (of which saturates are 0 grams)

Carbohydrate: 91 grams (of which sugars are 91 grams)

Protein: 0 grams

Salt: 0 grams

DJM Foods

Good as gold

Good for the environment:

Certified organic (EU Organic, Canada Agriculture)

Sustainable maple syrup production

100% recyclable, including lid

Good for people:

Approved by The Vegan Society

DJM Foods

How to store

Store in a cool, dry place.

See best before date on the back of label.

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