About Us

DJM Food Solutions

Who we are

We began in 2004 as a family and friends business with one foot in Canada and the other in the UK.

We’re on a mission to celebrate the best of the great Canadian outdoors and a collection of the great tasting honeys from around the world. We are delighted to be the fastest growing maple syrup brand in the UK.

What we do

We work with a small number of the best maple and beehive farm owners to source the purest and most delicious syrups and honeys — the ones that offer something a bit different.

All our maple syrups are sourced from the top quality farms in Quebec and are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

All our honeys are produced using a more natural craft process that differentiates them from many other honeys available on the market.

The Canadian connection

We named one of our ranges after the mighty St. Lawrence River that runs through the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada — our maple syrup and some of our honey comes from this highly productive, fertile region. St. Lawrence is also the patron saint of chefs.

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